The Sarai at Toria is the vision of a husband and wife partnership with a passion for wildlife and conservation.

Born in Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Raghu Chundawat is a conservation biologist whose main studies have been on snow leopards and tigers. His pioneering ten-year research on tigers took place in the Panna Tiger Reserve and has been immortalised in the BBC Natural World documentary, "Tigers of the Emerald Forest".

Joanna Van Gruisen is from the U.K. but she has lived in the sub-continent for over thirty years. She is a wildlife photographer, writer and conservationist.

Our aim is to manage the Sarai at Toria in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, providing comfort and indulgence while protecting the natural and the cultural environment.

We are also enthusiastic 'foodies' so your meals will be a major focus of our hospitality. Raghu’s cooking is much favoured amongst our friends. His delicious home recipes will feature on the Sarai at Toria’s menu along with Joanna’s more cosmopolitan, less spicy, favourites!