The Sarai at Toria now comprises 8 independent cottage rooms, each having attached bathrooms, verandas and private courtyards. Four of the cottages are especially suitable for families, as we have included tucked-away mezzanine bed spaces that are great for children. Our spacious cottages, fabricated in mud, with thatched roofs, are designed by Eugene Pandala, an Indian architect known for his nature friendly designs. »
Keeping environmental concerns in mind, we have used minimal concrete and steel and sourced most of our materials locally - mud, stone, wood, brick, lime, tile, bamboo and grass. We combined traditional methods and modern architectural design to insulate our rooms from the extremes of the outside climate. But the rustic mud exteriors hide elegant and contemporary interiors. »
A large dining and lounge area is situated on the highest point of the land commanding magnificent views over the Ken River and towards the plateau of the Panna Tiger Reserve. This stone, wood and tile building, designed in an open style, is the perfect place to view sunrises and sunsets and generally to relax and enjoy the tranquil scenery.
Sitting area